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Hiko Sport Grip Gloves Hiko Sport Grip Gloves
28,00 € *
Hiko Sport Slim Gloves Hiko Sport Slim Gloves
28,00 € *
NRS Men's HydroSkin Gloves Gray Heather NRS Men's HydroSkin Gloves Gray Heather
When it's too cold to go gloveless, but you don't need winter protection, NRS Men's HydroSkin Gloves will cut the chill without sacrificing grip or feel. Less bulk, total comfort, just enough extra warmth. Great for those...
25,97 € * 39,95 € *
NRS Cove Gloves Marine Blue NRS Cove Gloves Marine Blue
Purpose-built for long days rowing and paddling, the NRS Cove Gloves' full-finger design delivers UPF 50+ sun protection, superior grip and blister prevention. A full-fingered version of our popular Boater's Gloves, the NRS Cove Gloves...
ab 17,67 € * 29,95 € *
NRS Fuse Gloves Black NRS Fuse Gloves Black
Looking for extra warmth and blister protection for cool-weather paddling? NRS Fuse Gloves deliver lightweight neoprene insulation with a comfortable fit and excellent grip. 1 mm neoprene with heat-reflecting titanium provides just the...
19,47 € * 29,95 € *
NRS Guide Gloves Black NRS Guide Gloves Black
NRS Guide Gloves offer blister protection, cushion and just the right amount of warmth for rowing and paddling in cool conditions. The open-finger design allows total dexterity for tying knots, tightening straps and other common...
15,95 € *
Palm Current Paddelpfötchen Palm Current Paddelpfötchen
Optimaler Schutz bei kalten Paddeltemperaturen. Winddichtes Nylon mit warmen Fleece-Futter hält die Hände warm - bei perfekter Paddelkontrolle. Technische Daten Material: Nylon 200D Fleece-Futter (100% Polyester) Gewicht: 185 g Stulpe:...
44,95 € *
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